Monday, February 18, 2013

The Dresden Files: White Night

I want to like The Dresden Files so much.

I do like aspects of this series... Harry Dresden has grown on me some. I still find his stubbornness insufferable at times. I feel like he hates certain people for no other reason than spite at this point, like Marcone, who has done far more good than bad for Chicago. I still think Murphy is pretty great and Bob makes me laugh.

I like Bob, but he needs to tell more poop jokes.
But... there's just something missing from this series. The Dresden Files have much potential. Butcher's world building and magic system are both solid and intriguing, if not always original. But I feel like there's so much more he could be doing with this world he has created. The series is a long Dungeons and Dragons campaign where the world only exists for the main characters to react to, but not necessarily interact with.That was especially evident in this book.

Yeah, I know big things are brewing in Dresden's world. But how long will it all take? How much time should one invest in a series until "it gets better." I feel like Butcher is stringing us along with installment after installment where a lot happens physically, but the plot doesn't particularly move forward by more than a few inches. There's a difference between what happens in a book/series and what a book/series is about.

Llamacorns. The Dresden Files is about llamacorns.
 Nine books into The Dresden Files, I'm still not sure what this series is about. That's a structural problem. I can tell anyone who Harry Fights and the outcomes of each fight, who Harry likes, who he hates, what happens in each book... but where is it all going? There's always a lot of yelling and fighting, deal making and deal breaking, destruction, and some death, but no emotion behind any of it. The best way I can describe this series is like running on a treadmill compared jogging from an actual point A to point B, or eating a nutrition supplement instead of real food. Muscles still get worked, nutrients enter the bloodstream, but to what purpose?

What are you, a lobotomy patient? No you cannot haz Fifty Shades of Gray.
I will probably finish this series simply because my husband likes it so much, but life is too short to read bad or uninteresting books.

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